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    Jonathon McCann, Harper Conner, Gavin Montgomery, and Zak Bendat have started something revolutionary at Ashland High School; MAU5HAU5 (Mouse House). About four months ago they released their first hit single, Genesis (New Plan). Genesis has been listened to about 2,890 times on SoundCloud and since then they have released three other singles. In March they released Stuck In ...Full Article

The Infamous Nancy Martin

 You may know Nancy Martin as the adorably fantastic AP Composition and freshman humanities teacher, but did you know that she is in a incredible band? A band that ...Full Article

Disneyland Trip

On February 13, members from Show Choir and Honor Choir had the amazing chance to go to the happiest place on earth: Disneyland. The teacher of both classes, Holly ...Full Article

Winter Fine Arts

It’s that time of year again: when the mornings start to get frosty and cold, the sun is almost down by the time school gets out, and Starbucks is ...Full Article

Music on the Quad

There is an abundance of musical talent in the Ashland High School community. To showcase this talent, Mr. Chase has organized for two student bands to perform on the ...Full Article

What is Your Favorite Disney Song?

  Show Choir at Ashland High School has made a great decision for the second semester of the 2013 year. This year the teacher and choir director, Holly Johnson, ...Full Article

Carving a Violin

Kaelyn Finwall has always made art, but after she visited Italy on a trip with the Ashland High School Orchestra, she realized the direction she wants to take her ...Full Article


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Evenings at the Green Shows

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF) is known internationally as one of the best Shakespeare Festivals around. Traditionally, every summer season, OSF has free Green Shows prior to the evening ...Full Article

Impersonal Music Sharing

In the past 30 years, music sharing has changed immensely. Now that we have entered the digital age, music sharing is extremely fast and often impersonal. You can give ...Full Article