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Meet the Equestrian Team

Equestrian Club Photo!

On Wednesday, Allayana and I interviewed Montana Jasnses, Cassidy Kourtney, Dominique Moore. They are current members of the equestrian club and were a wonderfully positive, energetic, and interesting group to interview. With Montana being outgoing, Cassidy quite sweet, and Dominique kindly modest, these girls made an excellent group and interview. 1. What kind of horse […]

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Heidi Morehouse: The High School’s Healing Touch

Heidi Morehouse

While the athletes and coaches at Ashland High School spend a good amount of time in the limelight of the local media, one member of “the team” does not receive the attention that she deserves. Heidi Morehouse, the high school’s Certified Athletic Trainer, spends day after day with athletes from all sports, keeping them healthy […]

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