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Photo Gallery

John Weston the Legend: a Story of Woodworking Expertise (And So Much More)

John Weston:The Person He is a teacher, a water polo player, UCSB and Humboldt graduate, a cook, an expert wood worker, and an Ashland High School legend. He is a man of many talents and many experiences with one overarching theme through it all: he is a ubiquitously personable man. Initially after high school, he set off to go ...Full Article

Celebrity Day

Did you miss Celebrity Day last week? Here are some pictures to catch you up! Related Posts: Football Picks Up Win In Crazy Homecoming Game Ashland High’s Homecoming Spirit ...Full Article

AHS’s Homecoming Past

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Secret Doors of AHS

There are many doors at Ashland High that lead to the unknown, places that even the recently graduated seniors had never seen; the main cause being pure fear. They ...Full Article

Creekside Fiddle Camp

This summer there is an amazing opportunity for any young student who currently plays a string instrument. Creekside Strings, founded by Duane Whitcomb, is holding their annual Summer Fiddle ...Full Article

Missed Mr. Grizz?

Every spring, eight of Ashland High School’s best young men come together to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network in the annual Mr. Grizz pageant. This year, freshmen ...Full Article

Grizz Garden: An Oasis of Green in a Campus of Concrete

Grizz Garden is a name that the majority of Ashland students are not familiar with. Since the dismemberment of the Wilderness Charter School, there has been a vacancy in ...Full Article

GCC Taking Action: North Korea

The Ashland High School’s GCC (Global Citizens Corps)  on Saturday, April 28 hosted the group LiNK (Liberty in North Korea) at school to raise awareness for the human rights ...Full Article

How to be a NASA Lab Assistant

Learn about the process NASA used to convert raw black-and-white images into color ones. Then, try the process for yourself, in just 5 minutes time! Related Posts: No Related ...Full Article

Mt. Vaughan Expedition 2012

This December, AHS Junior Brandon Vaughan will be traveling to Antarctica to summit Mt. Vaughan. At a young age, Vaughan first heard the story about Norman, his Great-Grand Uncle, ...Full Article