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Extra Curricular

The Change Project at AHS

The Change Project at Ashland High School is teaming up with the Diversity and Inclusion group to create a more powerful voice. The Change Project is a gathering of students making an effort to reduce and eventually exterminate racism in the community. Throughout the summer, employees from OSF (Oregon Shakespeare Festival), the AHS staff and students discussed the issue ...Full Article

7 Reasons to Not Hate Finals

Twice a year, one thing scares Ashland High School students like no other. It has seemingly mythical powers that bring even 4.0 students to the ground. Finals are coming, ...Full Article

My First Figure Competition

On May 17th, 2014, I competed in my first figure competition at the Oregon Ironman through the NPC (National Physique Committee). It was held in Lincoln City, Oregon, and ...Full Article

Speech and Debate

One of Ashland High School’s most lauded extra curricular activities is the Speech and Debate program.  Headed by Robert Bingham, the team often travels to tournaments throughout Oregon.  Students ...Full Article

How to Get Active

Summer is quickly approaching. The transition to warmer weather inevitably brings swimsuits and tank-tops, as well as camping trips and long swims in the lake. In Oregon, the spring ...Full Article

Pi Day

  3.14159265358979323846264 33832795028841… Do you know what that number means? It’s only about a small part of the actual number of pi, which is infinite. Since today is March ...Full Article

Swimming for Change

       The Ashland High School swim program is undergoing an extreme change in one of the most important and constant aspects: coaching. Though many are upset about the change, ...Full Article

Oregon Thespian Leaders Conference Held at AHS

MOUNTAIN AVENUE THEATER, ASHLAND High school students from all over Oregon gathered at AHS on Saturday, September 21st for the annual Thespian Leaders Summit. This is the first time ...Full Article

Becoming an Eagle Scout

Becoming an Eagle Scout is hard, really hard. I would know; I am trying to become one. When I joined boys scouts I was surrounded by olders kids ready ...Full Article

The Distortion of the Toga

The toga, once common garb in ancient Rome, have now taken a new ethnic orientation at AHS. The misinterpreted garment is now paired with last weekend’s Prom theme, “Grecian ...Full Article
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