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Student Life

Jane Takeda Dances it Up in Finland

The Following article is our first installment in the series “Ashland High School Abroad”, and is written by AHS junior Jane Takeda from her host school in Finland. This past week has probably been the best week of my entire exchange so far. Aside from spending lots of time with my friends, there was the vanhojentanssi, or Wanhat, the ...Full Article

Advisory: An In Depth Review

Advisory: for most the word itself conjures up feelings of boredom and frustration, while a minority of others look forward to the class. Depending on who you ask, the ...Full Article

Newspaper Origami: The Bow

So, the newest issue of the Rogue News just came out! You’ve looked through it, ripped out all the coupons related to food, and you might have even read ...Full Article

Open Mic for a Cause

Are you looking for a fun night where you can express yourself, but at the same time contribute to an important cause? AHS sophomores Grace St. Clair Bates and ...Full Article

Ashland High School Abroad

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to spend an entire year in a different country? Starting next Wednesday, the Rogue News Online will be publishing an exclusive column ...Full Article

How to Get Organized

For many of us, organization is one of those virtues that we’ve given up on ever having. We reserve that quality for the perfectionists, those who have the time ...Full Article

The Journeys and Triumphs of Ashland High’s Thespians

Over the weekend I attended the annual Regional Acting Competition. The competition involves a host of schools hailing from different cities and towns around Oregon. The schools each have ...Full Article

Win Big With Rogue Federal Credit Union

Rogue Federal Credit Union is having a raffle give away for gift cards to Dutch Bros., Yogurt Hut, Big Town Hero, the Human Bean, and 2 free tickets to ...Full Article

A Night To Remember

Walk down the red carpet on February 18th at the Oscars. Join your friends and the National Honor society at winter formal with the great theme of “a Night ...Full Article

Finland Through Jane Takeda’s Eyes

  Jane Takeda, a former AHS student, has been living in Finland for the past five months, completely submerged in the Parolan Lukio school where she is learning through ...Full Article