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Student Life

The iPad Program

Ten Ashland High School students are having the opportunity to test out iPads for the upcoming technology program.  Since Nov. 15th these responsible young adults of all ages and of different technology experiences report back to Steve Mitzel, the director of information technology for the Ashland School District after every 6 weeks of using the iPad.  Their report includes what ...Full Article

Apply Now For Summer Internships!

If you are interested in a career in science or engineering, the best way to experience the job is first-hand. For 22 years, Saturday Academy’s Apprenticeships in Science and ...Full Article

A Freshman’s Guide to Finals Week

Attention, freshmen! A looming darkness is perched right around the corner. It threatens you and every one of your comrades. “The Darkness” is only one name finals week has ...Full Article

Biggest Change of the New Year

The first week of school in the new year has gone by, and everyone is adjusting to the new routines brought on by 2012. The simplest change, but also ...Full Article

A history of sandwiches

Almost every person in the U.S.A. has eaten a sandwich in their day to day lives. whether it be at work during a lunch break, or at a fancy ...Full Article

Unconventional Water Bottles

We all see them in their different shapes and sizes. They exemplify the second R in reduce, reuse, and recycle. That’s right: the unconventional water bottle, whether it be ...Full Article

Is Chess a Sport?

Chess has traditionally been labeled as a nerd’s game, for those too weak for the physical sports such as football, basketball or even tennis. However, for those brave enough ...Full Article

Advisory: what’s really going on?

Your opinion of the Advisory Program at AHS counts. The directors of Advisory are constantly adjusting things in meetings to meet students’ needs. I sat in the IVC room ...Full Article

Kiss and Tell

“Having mono is kind of like constantly living on two hours of sleep, having headaches that put migraines to shame, and having the flu and a cold at the ...Full Article

Brenda Paustian: Laughing Glass

Ashland High School has a plethora of Artists more so than other schools, yet it is not only the students who are the Artist but the Teachers too. Brenda ...Full Article