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Student Life

If You Build It, They Will Come

Many of us here at Ashland High School are aware of the fact that we may soon be opening our arms to students from neighboring schools transferring to attend AHS. The dreams of many Phoenix, North Medford and other surrounding high school students could be coming true as they will have the opportunity to apply for enrollment at Ashland ...Full Article

Jane Takeda Cooks in a Finnish Restaurant

The Following article is our latest installment in the series “Ashland High School Abroad”, and is written by AHS junior Jane Takeda from her host school in Finland. Greetings ...Full Article

Wednesday Weekly Horoscopes 4

Pisces (Feb. 19 – Mar. 20) Whatever happened to spending your evenings relaxing with your family in front of the fireplace? Well, expect this to happen every night of ...Full Article

The Mexico Mission Trip

An orphanage containing over 30 children will soon get a taste of Ashland.   During Spring Break ’12 Ashland High School students accompanied by chaperones from the First Baptist Church ...Full Article

Harry Potter Club

Submitted by Christy Chow and Revised by Noah Yaconelli The AHS Harry Potter Club was something I’d had in mind since the very beginning, back when I was a ...Full Article

We Defy Gravity

In sports, there’s a certain amount of faith you put in your teammates.  Whether you’re throwing to a receiver, setting a volleyball into the air for your teammate to ...Full Article

Make Your College Education Affordable!

We all know college isn’t going to be cheap, but why not make it as affordable as possible? There are plenty of opportunities out there for making your education ...Full Article

The Real World: AHS and Job Shadows

Imagine a system of education where students gained hands on, real world experience, while also challenging themselves academically. In this holy grail of teaching models, kids would learn outside ...Full Article

Senior Project – Elli Mallory

  In September 30, 2009, there were an estimated 423,773 children in foster care in the United States. UNICEF estimates that there are at least 210 million orphaned children all ...Full Article

Interning Behind the Movie Scenes

MEDFORD, Ore. (TheRogueNews.com) – I had been looking for a place to hone in my appetite for technological-knowledge acquisition, so last summer my father suggested interning with Sorenson Design. ...Full Article